Alvin and Alham

Alvin’s acceptance speech

Good evening everyone.

Alham and I are very happy to be here tonight and we are thrilled to receive this award.

First off, I would like to thank Best Buddies Canada for giving me this great opportunity, for both myself and my buddy Alham.

I would also like to thank all my friends, family members and teachers who supported me throughout the year.

And most importantly, I would like to thank Ms. Kent, who put a tremendous amount of effort into our chapter at Stephen Lewis. Her positive attitude and motivation were great reasons for me to be in the Best Buddies program.

I joined Best Buddies last October simply to fill my community hours. However, this decision was definitely the best choice I made that year. My time with Best Buddies was packed with excitement and fun.

By looking back to the group activities like Tim Horton’s night, going to the wave pool, to playing video games and working out at the fitness centre with Alham, our friendship will be a memory that will last a lifetime for me.

I would finally like to thank Alham for being such a great pal and for being there for me as much as I was there for him. I am really looking forward to another great year with him.

Personally, I think Best Buddies is a great program and I highly recommend students to join, because it will bring a great and unforgettable experience into your life. Friendship is an essential part of anybody’s life and it will definitely being pleasurable and happy times just like how our friendship is filled with joy.

– Alvin Lee

Alham Fakhry’s story

My name is Alham Fakhry. I was born in Afghanistan. When I was seven years old, my family moved to Pakistan where we stayed in a refugee camp for a long time, waiting to come to Canada.

I was eight years old when we finally move to Canada. I did not speak any English and had to work hard to learn the language. So, at first going to school in Canada was difficult for me because I did not know the language, did not know how to do some stuff and did not know anyone.

My mom was working so I had no one to help me with my school work at home. But I worked hard and did my best on everything. I know what it is like not to have any friends because this is what happens when you move to a new country. It is so nice to have a friend to help me with school and share my ideas with.

My buddy Alvin is my best friend. We talk a lot and I trust him with everything. Alivn has shown me how to a do a lot of new things. For example, he’s shown me how to use the weights at the gym – my favourite is the chest pass. He’s also shown me how to do a lot of computer things, like driving a car. He also gives me good advice whenever I’m unsure about something. He always takes me places like Tim Horton’s, or the mall.

I really enjoy everything I do with Alvin. We had a great time when we got together over the summer. Even though Alvin is going to graduate at the end of this year, I know we will always be friends forever.

I feel lucky that I have a friend like Alvin. I’m very honoured that he and I have won an award.

Thank you very much.

– Alham Fakhry.

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