Lauren Kolyn

The success of Best Buddies relies on the work of many different groups of people involved in the program. There are the students, teachers, host site coordinators and parents, each with a different perspective about the program.

Lauren Kolyn has been involved with McGill University’s chapter for a number of years in many different roles.

Lauren was involved with the McGill Best Buddies chapter for many years, as both a student Buddy and as part of their Chapter Leadership Team. Her former Best Buddy is Andrea. You can see Andrea and Lauren together in the picture. The picture was taken last year at a fundraiser. They were having fun together as the friends that they are, even though their match is no longer official.

Lauren was a very organised Chapter President at McGill in 2007-2008. She then went to be their Host Site Coordinator through Miriam Home. And now she still hangs out sometimes with the Montreal Best Buddies gang in between her studying Social Work at McGill University.

1) What does the Best Buddies program mean to you?

Best Buddies truly means the world to me. The Best Buddies program teaches you about life, friendship and to ‘think outside the box.’

2) How has it influenced your life?

Best Buddies has shaped my life in so many ways, some of which I never could have imagined when I got started seven years ago! Best Buddies has opened my mind, doors to new opportunities and my heart (aww).

3) How as a BB Alumni member, do you still contribute to the Best Buddies program?

By still being one of its biggest supporters! After completing my undergraduate degree at McGill I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Host Site Coordinator for the McGill University and Dawson College chapters in Montreal. This role allowed me to stay involved with the program and meet great new people. To this day, I still keep in touch with the wonderful friends that I met through this program.

4) Why would you encourage students to get involved and volunteer with the Best Buddies program at their respective schools?

I always tell students that they will learn and gain more through the Best Buddies program than in any class or book. Best Buddies brings together wonderful people and creates lasting friendships. Most importantly, Best Buddies is where the fun is!

5) And anything else your heart desires to add!

BUDDIES, buddies….BEST best BUDDIES…BEST best BEST buddddiiessss!!

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