Words from our conference participants

During the 14th Annual Leadership and Training Conference in Montreal, Best Buddies asked the participants to explain what Best Buddies means to them. These are some of the responses.

“With the Best Buddies we can not change the world, but we can change one heart at a time. We are a signal for the world”

– Claudinei Cruz, University of Alberta

“My buddy and I will remain close friends long after I move on from University and Best Buddies. This program really does create friends for life. I have benefited from Best Buddies as much as my buddy has.”

– Kristen Knight, University of Winnipeg

“Best Buddies has taught me that people do not have ‘disabilities’, they have diverse abilities!”

– Amanda Bell, University of Regina

“When I drescribe my friendship with my buddy to another person, they would never know I was talking about a person with an intellectual disability.”

– Teena Schneider, University of British Columbia

“Being involved in Best Buddies was a life-changing experience. It has been so much more than providing a friendship for a buddy. I have learned so much from everyone involved in this program.”

– Cecilia Wang, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

“Best Buddies promotes self worth, independence, and friendship. Best Buddies breaks down social walls and in their place builds lifelong friendships.”

– Georgia Barnard, Argyle Secondary School

“We are all equal and my motto is ‘If you have a good team the ship will stay up, if not it will sink and Best Buddies has a great team so the ship won’t sink’.”

– Kevin Johnson, University of Manitoba

“My eyes have been opened to appreciate everyone because it is easier to live to laugh and to love with the gift of friendship.”

– Kelsey Gavin, Windsor Secondary School

“Best Buddies Canada has given me the chance to make a difference. To make a difference in one is to make a difference in many.”

– Kylie Porter, Thompson Rivers University

“Being in Best Buddies has changed the way I look on somethings in my life. My buddy Sarah made me realize what life is about, living it. She is always happy, she brightens my day. Best Buddies has changed my life in every way. I hope to carry Best Buddies throughout my life.”

– Courtney Chaput, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School

“Friendship is all it takes to change a life.”

– Scott Tiffin, Lakehead University

“Best Buddies Program has not only made me a better person but others as well. I have seen classmates who are a part of Best Buddies change positively and now have new amazing friendships. Best Buddies is the Best.”

– Andrew Langille, R.s. McLaughlin Secondary School

“Best Buddies is my drive, my passion, my happiness my all…my life and I love it!”

– Chelsea Beavan, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School

“Friendship makes the world go around!”

– Yursa Uzair, Pine Ridge Secondary School

“It makes me feel honoured to have a friend so special in my life, unbelievable, it’s like a dream come true” “I have learned that who I am today is because of what revolves around me”

– Katie McLean, Saunders Secondary School

“Il n’y a rien de plus réconfortant que le sentiment de ne pouvoir exprimer l’immense bonheur de cette complicité. J’ai plus qu’un ami, j’ai un deuxième frère.”

– Maxime Tremblay, Université de Sherbrooke

“Vrais Copains ma permit a changer des vie et a changer ma vie!”

– Josée Lambert, École Secondaire Catholique Garneau

“Best Buddies touched my soul in indescribable ways. My three buddies have transformed me as an individual. No matter where my life takes me, Best Buddies will always be on my mind and deeply in my heart. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been provided wtih. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Kateryna Aksenchuck, Ryerson University

“Whenever I was stressed or upset I called my buddy first. He had a way of making everything better. I joined thinking I would help change lives but it was my life that was changed.”

– Nicole Robinson, Nipissing University

“Best Buddies is the best way to promote inclusion everywhere.”

– Beth Wilson, Fundy High School

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