At the elementary level, the Best Buddies chapter is basically an in-school friendship club that focuses less on disability and more on creating friendships between everyone in the chapter. We want students to recognize their similarities, not their differences, and learn to accept everyone for who they are, bonding over what they have in common. Children will learn what it means to be a good friend and will develop their listening and teamwork skills through activities and games.

At the middle school level, the program continues to promote the same values but begins to foster friendships between students with and with an IDD.

The club is led by school staff with the support of the Best Buddies team. Best Buddies provides an activity guide that is packed with fun and simple activities that the chapter can do together during their weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

The goal of the Best Buddies elementary and middle school program is to instill the values of inclusion and friendship in all students from a young age. We want students to have fun playing and learning together in the hope that they will continue to promote these values through their high school years and into adulthood.

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