The Best Buddies high school program brings together high school students with and without an IDD in the hope that they will develop a lasting friendship.

High school chapters are run by a Chapter Leadership Team which includes a staff member (Staff Advisor) as well as a few highly motivated/responsible students (Executive Members) who will plan and execute group activities for the entire chapter to enjoy throughout the year.

High School Chapter Positions:

Chapter President

A high school student responsible for the leadership of the chapter; tasks include the administration, delegation of responsibility and recruitment of volunteers with the goal of establishing a strong chapter. Also, the main contact for students and Best Buddies staff.

Executive Member

A student who helps the Chapter President to lead, organize and maintain a Best Buddies chapter at his/her high school. An Executive Member can have a specific role within the Chapter Leadership Team, for example, Fundraising Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator or Recruitment Coordinator.


A student with an intellectual disability who is a member of a Best Buddies chapter who is paired with a high school student in a one-to-one friendship. Buddies call their "Peer Buddies" on the telephone once per week, and see them every two weeks.

Peer Buddy

A high school student who is a member of a Best Buddies chapter, who is paired up with a student with an intellectual disability. Peer Buddies call their "Buddies" once per week, and go out for coffee, dinner, movies, walks, etc. every two weeks.

Associate Member

A chapter member who is not paired with a Buddy. Associate Members can assist with planning activities and events, fundraising, marketing and can attend group activities.

The Staff Advisor

The Staff Advisor is a staff member (e.g. a special education teacher) who assists students with volunteer recruitment and working with the school’s administration. They are also a contact for the students if they have concerns, as well as a general support person for the Chapter Leadership Team.

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