Congratulations to our Spirit of Friendship winners of 2021-2022! Congratulations to Taya, Olivia, Hannah, and Reighan!

The Spirit of Friendship Award is a national award given to only one buddy pair who exemplifies the true meaning of friendship and who have become ambassadors of the Best Buddy program. We will announce the deadline for the 2022-2023 year in late 2022 so watch out for that!

Nominate a Buddy Pair who:

  • Have been matched for at least one academic year
  • Have an enduring friendship
  • Have a truly significant impact on each other's lives
  • Have formed a strong bond and true friendship

The Spirit of Friendship pair will become our spokes-pair for the year following their award and will be expected to be available to participate in special events in their region. Please fill out the Nomination Form and include an essay and photo. The deserving Buddy Pair will be a key speaker at the next Leadership and Development Conference.

2021-22 Spirit of Friendship Award Winners

Past Spirit of Friendship Award Winners

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