High School Transition Program

The transition program consists of activities and resources created to help students with an IDD prepare for life after high school. This may involve university/college, employment, volunteering and participation in the community. Through friendships created in your Best Buddies Chapter, participants can help each other move on to the next phase of their life.

Best Buddies Canada helps students in their high school transition process by working to identify their future goals and encouraging buddy pairs to support one another in developing a transition game-plan based on individual interests.  Best Buddies will set up meeting and speaking opportunities for buddy pairs to share their game-plan within the community at local service clubs, helping to expand their social network, with the hope that it may possibly lead to volunteer or employment opportunities for these individuals in the future.

Transition is a great way for students with an IDD to build self-esteem, practice public speaking and learn more about their community!

If your school is interested in participating in our Transition Program, please download our 1 pager to use as a handout or poster!

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