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The Best Buddies College/University Program pairs students in post-secondary institutions with adults from the community with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

To be involved in the college/university program, people with intellectual disabilities must be receiving services from a partner community agency.

University/College Chapter Positions:

Chapter President

A university or college student responsible for the overall leadership of the chapter; tasks include the administration, delegation of responsibility and recruitment of volunteers with the goal of establishing a strong chapter. Also, the main contact for students and Best Buddies staff.

Executive Member

A student who helps the Chapter President to lead, organize and maintain the Best Buddies chapter at his/her university. An Executive Member can have a specific role within the Chapter Leadership Team, for example, Fundraising Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator or Recruitment Coordinator.


A person with an intellectual disability who is a member of a Best Buddies chapter who is paired with a student in a one-to-one friendship. Buddies call their "Peer Buddies" on the telephone once per week, and see them every two weeks. All Buddies must apply through the partner agency for a particular chapter.

Peer Buddy

A university or college student who is a member of a Best Buddies chapter and paired up with an adult/student with an intellectual disability. Peer Buddies call their "Buddies" once per week, and go out for coffee, dinner, movies, walks, etc. every two weeks.

Associate Member

A chapter member who is not paired with a Buddy. Associate Members can assist with planning activities and events, fundraising, marketing and can attend group activities.

The Host Site Coordinator

The Host Site Coordinator (HSC) is a staff member from a partner community agency who works with individuals with intellectual disabilities. The HSC serves as a resource for students who need more information about intellectual disabilities and as a contact for participants if they have concerns. They also act as a general support for the chapter's Leadership Team.

Community Agencies & Organizations

The Best Buddies program works in collaboration with local organizations, such as Associations for Community Living or L'Arche Communities as well as with the Special Education Departments of local high schools. By working together, Best Buddies is able to maximize its resources while enabling community organizations to broaden their programs and provide additional support for their clients.

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