Out of the many Best Buddies Chapters across Canada recognizes the following chapters for their incredible dedication and hard work. This award honours the fantastic work that teachers, education assistants, principals and participants have demonstrated in their chapter.

Despite the pandemic, these chapters were able to find ways to keep buddies and peer buddies connected.

The program has had a positive impact far beyond the confines of the buddies and peer buddies who sign up – it stretches across the entire school community, the greater community and has a positive impact on families – by promoting inclusion through friendship.

Criteria for Staff Advisors:

●     Have matched their participants (that are monitored and meet regularly)
●     Have done 3 Group activities
●     Communicates with BB staff every month
●     Have their roster in
●     Have a leadership team in place
●     Have partnership with another club in the school
●     Have a leadership succession in place
●     An activity that demonstrates involvement in the community

Criteria for Chapter President:

●     Have matched their participants (monitored and meet regularly)
●     Have met monthly 
●     Have communicated with BB staff on a regular basis
●     Have submitted their roster
●     An activity that demonstrates involvement in the community (joint activities with other BB chapters etc.)