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‘Best Buddies Fights Loneliness and Lengthens Life’


“Best Buddies takes a holistic, lifelong approach,” described Twin Peaks Pioneer Press Contributing Columnist Caryn Sullivan. “With support from staff, volunteers and a growing use of technology, students with and without intellectual and developmental limitations are paired up, thoughtfully and carefully.”

As a mother of a son with autism, Caryn explained that her concern for her son’s loneliness increased over time. Caryn references physician and author Kelli Harding, who in her work, explains that “the antidote for loneliness…lies in our homes, workplaces, schools, and broader community. If we just connect, we will feel better and live longer.”

The op-ed below details Caryn’s experience with Best Buddies and the work that Best Buddies is doing to expand in Minnesota. “I’m eager to see how Best Buddies transforms Minnesotans who face extraordinary challenges — as well as those engage in supporting them,” wrote Caryn.