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More often people are quick to complain. But I would like to take the time to say, how wonderful a year our son Trevor has had. He has been involved in the Saskatoon Chapter for as long as I can remember.

This year his Best Buddy is Dana.

I realize that a University Student can be a very busy person & their studies are very important.

But I can also say that her dedication to her & Trevor’s friendship has been an extremely positive experience. They have texted each other, gone for ice cream, went to a movie, played video games, made pizza together & more.

She has been the “Best” he has ever had for a “Buddy”! I can say this has been also the “Best Year” for him! Our only wish is that it would be longer.


Over the past few months, being with Randy has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve loved being Randy’s friend, and I’m going to continue to be his friend going forward. .

-Adam, Grade 9 student at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary

This September it was a bit hard for me to not be welcomed back to school by Bujar but I knew that he had moved on to bigger and better things and I was so proud of him for it.

We made sure to hang out a soon as possible once he came back from his summer vacation to Europe so we went to our favorite bowling place where he definitely beat me in every round! And we are headed to yet another dance this weekend!

So far we have not let Bujar's graduation stop our friendship and I am hopping that it never will because I am so lucky to have such an amazing friend like Bujar!


On behalf of the Maio family, we are happy with the progress our son has gained through the organizations of Best Buddies and Challenger Baseball. He has gained self-esteem and confidence in the participation of the game of baseball. He has learned to play on a team with the proper guidance of Challenger Baseball organization. They gave our son Domenic a lot of support during the weeks of baseball. Thank you to the team for your guidance and support for our son Domenic.

-Teresa and Tony

Best Buddies has impacted our school community in many ways! Above all, Best Buddies has inspired staff and students at Tommy Douglas. Often times individuals may feel pressured to conform to a given societal 'standard', however, this program has empowered them to look beyond their prescribed molds to find a world of curiosity, beauty, and love. Best Buddies has inspired members of the Chapter to seek opportunities to discover new capacities through their active involvement in awareness activities, one-to-one friendship building exercises and the execution of school-wide events. The Peer Buddies have acquired a vast set of leadership
qualities including delegation, cooperation, and communication as they plan and prepare for all major events such as Hoopin' It Up and various food sale fundraisers. Similarly, Best Buddies has been a vital component in the lives of the Buddies for the amount of social interaction they receive.

I am forever grateful for the lifelong impact the Best Buddies program has had on my life, and for the way, it's sprung inner growth. I like to believe that encountering the Best Buddies program was a destined gift, as I couldn't imagine myself without it - one half of myself would be missing.

-Guprit, Staff Advisor at Tommy Douglas S.S.

Lori and I met in October of 2018 after I joined the best buddies program at St. Lawrence College. I did not know going into this that I would be the one gaining a best buddy. I thought that job was going to be mine. But Lori is everything you could want in a friend; she is kind, makes me laugh, and always excited to go out and do fun things together. I love that Lori lights up because I simply asked her if she would like to go get a coffee. I like that she loves my kids and that they love her. I truly value the time I get to spend getting to know this amazing person who has done so many cool things in her life. I always learn something new about Lori; like last month, while bowling, I learned she was on the Special Olympics bowling team! This experience has taught me that there is no limitation to friendship. I found a great friendship in the best buddies program. I just hope she knows that I look forward to seeing her just as much as she looks forward to seeing me!

- Elizabeth