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Best Buddies Canada

About the Founders

Anthony Kennedy Shriver

Anthony Kennedy Shriver founded Best Buddies in 1989, while a student at Georgetown University Penny Shore and Daniel Greenglass in Washington, D.C.  As the son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, Anthony was determined to address the unjustified lack of opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to socialize with their neurotypical peers.

Penny Shore and Daniel Greenglass

In 1992, Penny Shore and Daniel Greenglass met with Anthony Kennedy Shriver and developed a proposal for the first country outside of the United States to offer the Best Buddies program.  In 1993, Daniel and Penny were successful at launching the organization in Canada and the first Best Buddies Chapter started at York University.  In 1994, Penny and Daniel hosted the first fundraising gala and in 1995, Best Buddies Canada was incorporated, and a Board of Directors was established under their leadership.

Penny Shore and Daniel Greenglass
Daniel Greenglass

Vision and Dedication

For the next 30 years, Penny and Daniel have been instrumental in developing an endowment for the organization, securing significant partnerships, fundraising millions of dollars, recruiting board members, hiring an Executive Director, and overseeing the strategic planning of the organization. 

We thank Penny and Daniel for being visionaries and long-time advocates for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Their dedication and passion changed the landscape in Canada emphasizing inclusion and acceptance and provided an enduring legacy.